Full name

Jose Feliciano


I'm an illustrator with a passion for wildlife, conservation, traveling and creating art about all of the above. Drawing endless inspiration from the natural world, my illustrations are focused on depicting the flora and fauna that surrounds us with a sense of whimsy and playfulness. As a naturalist and birdwatcher my passion is making both the natural world and art more approachable to everyone young and old. Whether it be putting on nature drawing workshops or dispensing random animal facts, I'm a huge fan of our awesome lands and want everyone in on the party.

Working now in the Gaming industry and continuing freelance work has offered up a wonderful mix of opportunities and fun challenges. My work includes illustration, concept art, animation, storyboards, interactive media design, motion graphics, print, identity design. Clients of mine have ranged from Educators, Zoos and Conservation organizations...all the way to World Wrestling Entertainment.

I'm inspired daily by the amazing artists and naturalists I've had the luxury to cross paths with along with a list to large to name individually of great people who have done something amazing with a pencil and paint. There's a lot out there.

Having fun with what I do is what keeps me smiling. When I'm not at my desk I can be found drawing in the wild, steamrolling around the streets on my bicycle, traveling, camping, birdwatching or attempting to do all at once. :)

Thanks for taking the time to read this little blurb about me. If you feel I can be a fit for a project you have in mind, contact me anytime at thehorsepuppy@gmail.com

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Enjoy the day,

P.S. If you're wondering why "Horsepuppy"...a while back I had the Greatest Great Dane buddy ever. A younger cousin of mine met him and shouted "Horsey!". When she was told he was a puppy she shouted "Horsepuppy!!!" The name just stuck with me ever since. Thanks Lucy!